A Few Reminders for Ted Cruz and the “Obergefell was Decided Wrongly” Crowd

posted by :dqsdqd | date: July 22, 2022, 3:49 p.m.

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Let’s get a few thing straight — as it were — Ted Cruz, Clarence Thomas, Marjorie, Matt, Brett and the rest of your abominable lot. We, the gays, waited long enough for marriage equality to work its way through this insane fuckery we call a government. We have zero patience left. It is 2022. We are tired of being used as your favorite scare-the-conservaburbs wedge issue. Get your spineless, hypocritical, filthy hands off Obergefell. Today, the House voted to repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which will essentially codify same-sex marriage into federal law. The bill now goes to the Senate. This mad circus continues, all because Donald Trump’s deal with the devil paid off and the far-right takeover of the Supreme Court is complete. Look, we don’t care which branch of government needs to get their shit together to protect the 1,100 rights and privileges that come with marriage. But one of them better step up to the plate to secure them. Some of us have lives to lead, careers to build, and families to raise. We don’t have time in this precious life for this bullshit anymore. The country doesn’t have time for it, either. The economy is sputtering. Inflation is choking anyone who doesn’t have a trust fund. The planet is literally burning. And your own constituents are being shot, en masse, at shopping malls, concerts, schools, and grocery stores from Springfield to Springfield to Springfield to Springfield. We are not even truly out of the largest social, economic, and health disaster of a lifetime, and you and your cuckoo crazy Capitol clique want to re-litigate every culture war issue of the twentieth century. The gays are exhausted by your nonsense. How many times do we have to fight for the same rights? How long do we have to wait for grown adults to respect one another? We waited for the Clintons to get their shit together. We waited for Bush and Dr. Evil to retire and paint. We waited for Obama to “evolve.” We waited for Citibank and Skyy Vodka and Lara Bars to realize they could make money off of us as a spendy consolidated demo. We waited for the entire nation to fall in love with Ellen and Will & Grace and Just Jack so we could prove our humanity. Our humanity. And we waited for our own families to grow up and host enough awkward Thanksgiving dinners to realize — aha! — the gays eat turkey, too. Back off. Look, we get it. The gays are everywhere now. We’re on your TV. We’re in your movies. We’re at your schools. We’re in your homes. Funny how that works — if you codify freedom and equality, and allow people to be who they are, to be as God made them, to contribute to society and to pay taxes, then you might have to actually see them, and hear from them, and work with them. Too bad. Sorry, you might just have to explain to your kids that God makes people in many different flavors. Use an ice-cream metaphor if that makes you comfortable. Your comfort is, after all, the only thing that matters in the greatest pluralistic society known to man.

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